Equipment Skid Fabrication

Engine Overhaul

Overhaul services for Detroit, Perkins®, Caterpillar® and Cummins® Engine


                                                Complete Unit Refurbisment

Tamfindo capabilities include complete unit refurbisment. The equipment is completely disassembled. Engines, pumps, control panels and accessories are overhauled to specifications.

We have wide experience to refurbish cementing unit, pimp units, batch mixer, centrifugal pumps, and coiled tubing power pack. We also have capabilities to fabricate equipment skid, crash frame. tanks, etc.


Mobile Hydraulic Hose Unit

This unit is outfitted to fabricate hose assemblies on side and provide support for the equipment that you working on. You can call us at (+62) 21 6230 7010 or (+62) 21 6016575 or just come find us and we can build your hose assembly while you wait.

Hydraulic Hoses Services

Unlike many hydraulic hose manufacturers, Tamfindo offers a comprehensive line of Eaton (Aeroquip) hydraulic hose products and componens that are designed to create total hydraulic system solution. Our offering included many of different Eaton hydraulic hose, Eaton hydraulic fitting a varlety of related products in a varlety of sizes and configurations. We utilize our years of experience top-of-the-line equipment and technology to produce the highest quality products in the industry.

At Tamfindo, we have maintained our position as a leader among hydraulic hose manufacturers because of our dedication to making our products and processes evev better. We are committed tocustomer satisfaction through continuous improvement.


Hydrotest Facility


                                            Hydrotest Unit and Room

We provide pressure test unit that equipped with calibrated pressure recorder and performed by comptence operator. It will ensure high quality result and safe pressure testing.

We perform hydrostatic test to a hydraulic hose sample and tested utilizing an acceptabel burst and proof pressure procedure. Testing is performed in accordance to applicable industry standard or customer specification.

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